Mix between Tetris and Tic-Tac-Toe, with a bit of Q*bert (Mix and Match Game Jam)

(HTML5 game might not work, downloads below.. try chrome!!)

game screen is kind of small, you can resize as you like :-)


Don't let the inklings ruin nyacasso's colorful painting!

Match the colors (3 in a row) before the ink touches the ground

Ink will stack, but getting combos allow the chance to remove stacked color platforms

Avoid getting hit by leonardo da doge's white paint, or gameover


UP: jump (endless jumping, fly~~)

L/R: movement

W/A/S/D: color matching

music / sfx: OGA ( @celestialghost8 / @SubspaceAudio)

font: @daniel linssen


Nya-casso_PC.zip 15 MB
Nya-casso_MAC.zip 18 MB


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Loved the cute music and art style! Got confused initially as thought it was WASD for movement ;)

thanks!! :3

cute little game. Didnt know that I could jump more then once, maybe add that to the description 

thanks!! sorry about that, i'll add it :3