Made for the weekly game jam 108.

Theme: Where’s the cake?

doughboy the baker was preparing for a special occasion until…

he got sucked into the batter!!

help him escape while baking, so he can finish before the event!!

collecting items along the way will determine what kind of cake doughboy makes.

make sure to watch out for the flame meter to ensure a perfect baking temperature range.


left/right: move

hold z + left/right: change selected item

x: interact/use item

down: jump (hold to charge)


flour: bullets

sugar: place sugar cube (acts as platform)

milk: reduce flame

(updates will be made in the future)

GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withPICO-8, Aseprite
Tags2D, PICO-8, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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I like the idea of this game but I found it very frustrating in a couple of ways.  There were times when so many enemies were around that I couldn't get out of the starting area.  With the way they push you around combined with the need for very specific jump positions to not get hit by the ceiling, and then having more enemies on the platform above so even if you make it up you get pushed off again.  I also lost because of heat before finding any milk. As a smaller thing, it would be nice if opening a package just gave you the contents instead of having to pick them up separately.  That aside, I like the looks of the game, especially the enemies.


thank you!! yeah, currently the number and position of enemies is completely random, which I will try to update soon. I really appreciate the feedback, i'll definitely consider that!

Neat game! I really like the art and the different item mechanics. 

The controls were a little awkward currently, especially jumping and switching/using items. I feel like that could be split to separate buttons.

Overall, a cool game with a lot of potential! Nice work.

thank you!! I'll see if I can develop a better way to organize the buttons!